Social Media Optimization Consultant

What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

Social Media Optimization also known as Social Media Marketing is the next level in marketing. Social media websites are drastically influential when it comes to directing customer perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. Social Media Optimization builds bridges between brands and customers, starts enduring conversations about brands in the Internet ecosystem to garner greater and more comprehensive brand visibility. A powerful presence on social media will help you steer customer perceptions in the direction you want. That’s where we step in, the social media experts at Digital Advertising will take care of it all for you.

Social Media Optimization allows you to efficiently spread the word and generate an intense amount of interest for a relatively unknown product or service. We at Digital Advertising use social media platforms as a catalyst to grow your company’s online presence.

Where some companies tend to just set up a Twitter Profile, Facebook Page or Vine because it’s the “cool” thing to do, Social Media Optimization is about strategically creating, building and maximizing your social media plan to connect with your target audience.


Social Media Optimization Consultant allows you to:

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Connect with your audience
  • Get more visibility online
  • Generate leads

An exclusive customized Social Media Optimization solution can make you visible at just the right places on the web and make you the business leaders. Social Media Optimization enables us to position your brand to your customers on their own terms and in their environment which results in a more authentic marketing message.

The lines between Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are becoming increasingly blurred. In the past, they’ve been looked at as two separate and distinct aspects of marketing. But the reality is that they’re more intertwined than you might think.

While Google hasn’t stated that social media directly influences its search algorithm yet, there’s evidence to suggest that it does. One survey found that 50% of companies that aren’t succeeding with SEO aren’t integrating Social Media Marketing.


Our Social Media Optimization Services Includes:

  • Google + Business Page Setup
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • YouTube Account Setup
  • Profile Content Writing
  • Facebook Wall Updates
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Google + Page Updates
  • Video Creations ( Images Slider) & Submission
  • PPT Creation & Submission
  • Instagram Account Setup and Updates
  • Pinterest Account Setup and Updates


Social media involves online tools, platforms, online communities such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. that people use to share their stuffs, experiences, opinions and beliefs with each other. Social media enables you to express your experiences in the form of text, images, audio or video. Using this social media through various mediums such as blogs, wikis, forums and submitting articles helps you to display your marketing potential and sends an active message to your customers.

For example, you may embed an option of ‘Digg this’ or ‘Tweet me’ button on the blog of your site. It would be remarkable, if the content relating to your Web site covers the home page of “Digg” and collects maximum ranking resulting a thousand of visitors to your website.

We are having an online marketing expertise that can promote your business on social media sites to improve online brand visibility, brand protection / reputation management, leads.

Aside from that, the benefits of social media marketing have been well documented. If you want a solid overall approach to online marketing, you need a healthy balance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMO).

To discover the many ways in which social media optimization / marketing can turn the spotlight on your brand, contact us.